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Can Twitter enable people to take control of their own professional development?

We were asked to deliver a range of workshops for staff on ‘social media’, the brief was to demonstrate how various online technology could be harnessed to improve people’s CPD (continous professional development) and to enable staff to take control of their own learning.

During the design and development of the workshop programme I contacted my Twitter PLN (Personal Learning Network) and asked them to contribute one way in which Twitter has helped them professionally.
The feedback we received within 15 minutes of the request for comments can be seen here: RESULTS. Ultimately, you can take control of your professional development by engaging in discussions, debates, training and development in areas that YOU are interested in personally, which may (or may not) also help you professionally.

As we continued to delve further and find out about other reasons to ‘Tweet’, other reasons to use Twitter were shared with us; REASONS. There is one word of warning though – you ‘get out of Twitter what you put in’, by this we mean it’s not a ‘quick fix’ and it may take a while for you to start following the right people. In the words of one of my Twitter PLN: “Twitter… serendipity in action… plus lots of rubbish! You have to filter but if you do you find gold!“.

So in summary – using Twitter gives you access to a huge network of like-minded people willing to share ideas, resources and advice with from across the world. Often people start out following those users with the same outlook on certain issues, but often end up also following users with completely different outlooks – that’s what has made Twitter so successful over the last 5 years! Go on give it a go.

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