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Using ‘New Technologies’ in the Classroom

We are often asked for suggestions about how teachers can harness the ‘power of technology’ to engage learners in their own learning. So we have decided to post our favourite websites, suggestions and applications each month – hopefully you will find it useful and if we’ve missed any…. please let us know.


  1. Edmodo (we call it ‘facebook for learning’): if your school doesn’t have an effective VLE (virtual learning environment) then this is a good solution. For educational users it is completely free of charge and if your students do not have email accounts you can set up individual accounts for them and their parents directly on the website. You can set up groups for your classes, as well as smaller groups within the class groups (e.g. for your G&T students). Worksheets, polls, quizzes, links and videos can all be linked to posts for your students to access. The student profiles show how much they have completed and parents can check in at any point to see how their child is doing.¬†¬†Parent accounts allow parents to see their child’s assignments and grades. Teachers can also send alerts to parents about school events, missed assignments, and other important messages through Edmodo.

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